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Ogeechee Technical College Organizational Chart
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Name Title Email Phone Number

Office of the President

Lori Durden President ldurden@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1638
Karen Mobley Executive Assistant to the President kmobley@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1638
Office of Academic Affairs

Dr. Ryan Foley Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
rfoley@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6061
Susan Bacon Clerical Services Worker sbacon@ogeecheetech.edu 225-0034
Felicia Barefoot Health Science Core Instructor fbarefoot@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6011
Anita Brown Neuromuscular Technology Instructor abrown@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8518
Ronnie Cameron Commercial Truck Driving Instructor rcameron@ogeecheetech.edu 739-2874
Paula Clifton Early Childhood Care and Education Instructor pclifton@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6013
Chyrle Collins Practical Nursing Program Director/Instructor ccollins@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7653
Charlie Collins Commercial Construction Management Instructor cpcollins@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1692
Donny Collins Computer Information Systems Instructor docollins@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1618
Sharlene Conley Practical Nursing Instructor sconley@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8515
Casey Corbett Fish & Wildlife Management Instructor ccorbett@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6036
Cosmetology Appts. Cosmetology Reception 871-1984
Terri Crosson Surgical Technology Instructor tcrosson@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7807
CTD Library Commercial Truck Driving Library 739-5357
Culinary Kitchen Culinary Arts Kitchen 688-6048
Chuck Davis Librarian codavis@ogeecheetech.edu 871-3524
Deborah Deloach Opticianry Program Director/Instructor ddeloach@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7404
Dr. Amy Dorminey Veterinary Technology Program Director/Instructor adorminey@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6037
Matthew Dunn Radiologic Technology Clinical Coordinator/Computed Tomography Instructor mdunn@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6915
Kendreia Durant Pharmacy Technology Program Director/Instructor koneal@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7620
Steven Edalgo Mathematics Instructor sedalgo@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7609
John W. Edwards Welding Instructor jedwards@ogeecheetech.edu 681-3764
Dr. Ryan Foley Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs rfoley@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6061
Matthew Gainous English Instructor mgainous@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7400
Justin Goodman Mechatronics Instructor jgoodman@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8538
Natasha Grimes Assistant Dean ngrimes@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6097
John Groover English Instructor jgroover@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7602
Terry Hand Computer Information Systems Instructor thand@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7785
Alex Harris Business Management Instructor aharris@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1622
Connie Hendrix Administrative Assistant, VPAA chendrix@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6045
Brittany Hendrix Nurse Aide Instructor bhendrix@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6967
Sean Hoffman Business Management Instructor shoffman@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8521
Djaras Holloway Cosmetology Instructor dholloway@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1985
Jackie Howard Practical Nursing Instructor jhoward@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7617
Crystal Ivey Biology Instructor civey@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7613
Yvonne Jenkins Dental Assisting Program Director/Instructor yjenkins@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7700
Jillian Johnson Logistics Instructor jjohnson@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8541
Lisa Kagay HIT Instructor (Online) lkagay@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7792
Joshua Kaiser Paramedicine Program Director/Instructor jkaiser@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8551
Frank Killebrew EMT Instructor fkillebrew@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6978
Dana Killebrew Nurse Aide Instructor dkillebrew@ogeecheetech.edu 871-3769
Kelly Kingry Dean for Academic Affairs kkingry@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7618
Lisa Lanier Director for Library Services llanier@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1606
Janet Lanier Administrative Secretary jlanier@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1617
Library Circulation Desk 871-1886
Scott Lloyd Opticianry Instructor slloyd@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7805
Jan Martin Radiologic Technology Program Director/Instructor jmartin@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1647
Jeannie McCorkle Early Childhood Care and Education Instructor jmccorkle@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6003
Michelle McCranie Medical Assisting Program Director/Instructor mmccranie@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7773
Allen McDaniel Automotive Technology Instructor lmcdaniel@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6917
Cindi Mills Accounting Instructor cmills@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1621
Capre Mitchell Echocardiography Instructor cmitchell@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6950
Dr. Paul Mizell Dean for Academic Affairs pmizell@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1645
Mallorie Morris Medical Assisting Instructor mmorris@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7616
Laurie Muldrew Mathematics Instructor lmulldrew@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7606
Pat Murphey English Instructor pmurphey@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7626
Jack Norvell Funeral Service Education Instructor jnorvell@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8546
Neal Owens Criminal Justice Instructor nowens@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1690
Emily Phillips Mathematics Instructor ephillips@ogeecheetech.edu 681-5630
Tony Pisacano Culinary Arts Instructor apisacano@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6029
Brittany Poole Surgical Technology Instructor bpoole@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8534
Susan Pope Learning Support Instructor spope@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7612
Bryan Richard Culinary Arts Instructor brichards@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6030
Jim Riner Commercial Truck Driving Program Director/Instructor jriner@ogeecheetech.edu 739-2671
LeAnne Robinson Business Administrative Technology Instructor lrobinson@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1626
Victoria Ruiz English Instructor vruiz@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7793
Michelle Rupar Funeral Services Instructor mrupar@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1960
Jeff Shaver Cosmetology Instructor jshaver@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6957
Angel Shuman Evening LPN Instructor ashuman@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7651
Jennifer Snider Funeral Services Education Instructor jsnider@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1134
Norm Threatt Electrical Systems Technology Instructor nthreatt@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1619
S. Shane Todd Air Conditioning Technology Instructor stodd@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1716
Koren Tonkin Psychology Instructor krichard@ogeecheetech.edu 681-5502
Michael Twisdale Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management Instructor mtwisdale@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8520
Vet Tech Reception Vet Tech Reception Room 688-6049
Billie Walker Veterinary Technology Instructor bwalker@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6038
Keith Waters Health Science Core Instructor bkwaters@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6968
Priscilla Waters Health Information Technology Instructor pgarrison@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7401
Tina Welch Sonography Program Director/Instructor twelch@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6019
Amanda White Administrative Secretary awhite@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8547
Jennifer Witherington Dean for Academic Affairs jlwitherington@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6966
Bill Worthington Agribusiness Instructor bworthington@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6034
Office of Administrative Services

Eyvonne Hart Vice President for Administration ehart@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7784
Angie Alston Bookstore Manager aalston@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1648
J. J. Altman Executive Director for Auxiliary Services jaltman@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1648
Bookstore Joseph E. Kennedy Building 871-1648
Business Office Reception 871-1643
Tonya Collins Payroll & HR Specialist tcollins@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1629
Gwendolyn Evans Accounting Technician gevans@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1605
Heidi Finch Student Banner Supervisor hfinch@ogeecheetech.edu 681-6955
Johneisa Lucas Print Center Coordinator jlucas@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8517
April McCloy Accounting Technician amccloy@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1601
Tonya Mercer-McMillan Accounting Manager tmcmillan@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1802
Stephen Miller Director for Human Resources smiller@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1801
Vanessa Pearsall Distribution Specialist vpearsall@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7787
Hannah Purcell Cashier hpurcell@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1643
Rachel Rigdon Purchasing Technician rrigdon@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7654
Satellite Bookstore Natural Resources Building 871-1689
Teresa Saxton Student Banner Specialist tsaxton@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1816
Larry Shatteen Asset Management Supervisor lshatteen@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6905
Jacob Tremble Property Account Specialist jtremble@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6905
Vacant Bookstore Assistant 871-1689
Tonya Vickers Assistant Vice President for Administration tvickers@ogeecheetech.edu 871-7295
Susan Williams Accounting Technician swilliams@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1943
Office of College Advancement

Barry Turner Vice President for College Advancement bturner@ogeecheetech.edu 681-2758
Jennifer Cornwell Advancement Coordinator jcornwell@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6098
Angie McGlamery Public Relations/Grants Coordinator arosengart@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1136
Rebecca Williams Art Director rwilliams@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1642
Office of Economic Development

Jan Moore Vice President for Economic Development jmoore@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6026    
Hyedie Badie Adult Education Specialist hbadie@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1721
Katie Byers Conference Coordinator kbyers@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8544
Melissa Coleman Adult Ed Instructor mcoleman@ogeecheetech.edu 739-2959
Continuing Education Office kkosmoski@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7409
Stacy Davis Transition Specialist sdavis@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1798
Evans Technical Education Complex Adult Education Center 739-2959
Nancy Holt Adult Education Instructor nholt@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8545
Kathleen Kosmoski Director for Continuing Education & Industrial Training kkosmoski@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7409
Tina Scott Adult Literacy Instructor, Screven tscott@ogeecheetech.edu 564-7339
Screven Workforce Development Center Adult Education Center 564-7326
Samantha Smith Dean for Adult Education ssmith@ogeecheetech.edu 871-4779
Julie M. Strickland Adult Education Instructor jmstrickland@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7611
Sonya Waters Adult Education Instructor/Admin. Assistant swaters@ogeecheetech.edu 739-2959
Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Brandy Taylor Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness btaylor@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1616
Y'Lonne Hodges Director for Institutional Research & Planning yhodges@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6922
Office of Technology & Institutional Support

Jeff Davis Vice President for Technology & Institutional Support jdavis@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1640
John Bacon Custodian jbacon@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1634
Laura Bradley Technical Support Specialist & GVTC Coordinator lbradley@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1627
Andrew Bryant Custodian abryant@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1634
Derek Burns Information Technology Specialist dburns@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1962
Shelia Cannady Custodian scannady@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1634
Naymon Culbreth Custodian nculbreth@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1634
Nathaniel Cummings Custodian ncumming@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1634
Tom Elrod Technical Support Specialist telrod@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1959
Andy Hickman Maintenance Technician ahickman@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1634
Loretta Hobbs Custodian lhobbs@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1634
Paula Killgren Custodian pkillgren@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1634
Justin Martin Technical Support Specialist jhmartin@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8530
Tracy Morris Database Administrator tmorris@ogeecheetech.edu 681-0827
Michael North Maintenance Technician mnorth@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1634
Ricardo Romero Custodian rromero@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1634
Buddy Sapp Director for Plant Operations bsapp@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1634
Christopher Vandenberg Technical Support Specialist cvandenberg@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8540
Terry Wilson Custodian twilson@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1634
Office of Student Affairs

Dr. Ryan Foley Vice President for Student Affairs rfoley@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6061
Admissions 688-6994
Molly Bickerton Director for Admissions mbickerton@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1600
Larry Bowen Career Services Coordinator lbowen@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1620
Kristina Brewton Counseling & Retention Coordinator kbrewton@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7811
April Burkes Data Quality Manager aburkes@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7984
Sabrina Burns Disability and Student Support Services Coordinator sburns@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7211
Sherrie Collins High School Coordinator/Recruiter - Evans scollins@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8532
Hannah-Joy Dinello Admissions Counselor/Recruiter hbray@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1608
Jan DiNitto Assistant Registrar jdinitto@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1611
Catherine Groover High School Coordinator cball@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8522
Brandi Helton Dean of Students; Title IX Coordinator bhelton@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7607
Ann Hester Student Affairs Assistant ahester@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1714
Shenavian Holloway Student Affairs Assistant sholloway@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6942
Sheila Jenkins Student Affairs Assistant/Receptionist sjenkins@ogeecheetech.edu 681-5500
James Myers Police Officer jmyers@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8526
Libby Nesmith Student Affairs Assistant lself@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7402
Cindy Phillips Student Navigator cbphillips@ogeecheetech.edu 871-8514
Denise Roberts Financial Aid Specialist 681-5643
Kristie Sanders Director for Financial Aid ksanders@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1937
Ann Simmons Student Affairs Assistant asimmons@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1641
Beckie Snyder Administrative Assistant to VPSA bsnyder@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1635
Michelle Stubbs Registrar mmeyer@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7865
Vacant Assessment Services Coordinator jboddie@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1693
Jamie Williams Student Affairs Assistant jwilliams@ogeecheetech.edu 871-1631
Melba Williams Student Affairs Assistant mwilliams@ogeecheetech.edu 486-7406
Kimberly Williamson Student Affairs Assistant kwilliamson@ogeecheetech.edu 688-6934
Stan York Director for Campus Safety and Security syork@ogeecheetech.edu 681-5667

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