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Home School student Requirements

  • Home schooled students who did not attend an accredited home study program must meet five guidelines before diploma can be validated.
  • Accredited home study programs include those which are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Independent Study – www.acisga.com.
  • Home study programs may also be, but are not usually, accredited by a regional accrediting body (SACS, North Central, etc.) or a statewide accrediting body such as Georgia Private School Accreditation which covers Christian schools.

The five requirements are:

1. Provide a letter from their superintendent’s office showing that the

    parents conformed to the requirements of the Georgia Department of Education:

a. The parent notified the superintendent of their intent to home school the child

b. The parent submitted the required attendance report to the superintendent’s

office on a monthly basis as required by the regulation.

2. Provide final or exit exam scores from an accredited national testing program.

a. Scores must be no more than three years old.

b. Should be Iowa Test of Academic Proficiency, California Achievement Test, or

Stanford Achievement Test.  If a student has scores from another accredited

national testing program then those results may be considered.

3.  Provide annual progress report (transcript) for the junior and senior years of home study.

a. Can be produced in whatever format the home study program director/parent


b. Transcript must provide name of course, when course was taken, grade

received in course, and primary instructor of course.

c. Transcript must have who the primary instructor/director of the home study

program was and must have a graduation date.

4. Provide SAT or ACT scores which are no more than five years old.

a. SAT scores must be at least a 430 Verbal/Critical Reading and a 400 Math

b. ACT scores must at least a 18 Verbal and 16 Math

5. Provide Regular admission scores on COMPASS or ASSET

a. Minimum COMPASS or ASSET scores for diplomas/degrees are determined

by the TCSG

b. These scores can be higher than the TCSG minimums depending on the

program/college the student is wishing to enter.

If a student does not meet ALL five requirements then he/she must earn a GED to be admitted to an academic program which requires a high school diploma or GED.

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